Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I have a (very difficult) exercise for today: no complains.
You (well, we) need to be the whole day without saying anything bad about anyone, blaming anyone for any problem. One day without saying that we have bad weather, talking about things that goverment has done or about that things that you dislike in your neighbours. Not claiming if some part of your body hurts (well, if it seems to be something serious, please, go to see the doctor), not talking about how bad is your teacher (or boss), not saying anything unpleasant about your mother's food... A whole day without complaining, without anger, without expressing hate and without saying nothing dangerous, are your ready?

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Ala, hoy toca algo en Español ;)

No os asustéis, la canción no refleja mi estado de ánimo, al contrario (y más después de ver el vídeo).
Han hecho una versión más "pro" pero como era de esperar le han quitado tooooda la gracia.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

As usual in me, I have left this blog semi abandoned, but well, today has been a special day, and I thought that it was time to update it with something more than a Youtube video.

I'm being really busy, I didn't noticed that this semester is shorter than the previous one, we are almost finished! I'm almost done with my project (next week I have a demonstration), and this last month has been hard but more interesting, finally I started to do something "real", not only read books and articles!

This morning have started dark, I have had some "unexpected" (at least so soon) news, but well, I have really good friends (here and in Spain) that are helping me to deal with them.

Here I am, building a new life (now with better foundations) brick to brick, don't know what will happen in the future, where I'll be then, but I'm finding myself and I have clear where I must look.

One year more... I can't feel any difference, but on paper is starting to be a big number :O