Wednesday, 3 March 2010

As usual in me, I have left this blog semi abandoned, but well, today has been a special day, and I thought that it was time to update it with something more than a Youtube video.

I'm being really busy, I didn't noticed that this semester is shorter than the previous one, we are almost finished! I'm almost done with my project (next week I have a demonstration), and this last month has been hard but more interesting, finally I started to do something "real", not only read books and articles!

This morning have started dark, I have had some "unexpected" (at least so soon) news, but well, I have really good friends (here and in Spain) that are helping me to deal with them.

Here I am, building a new life (now with better foundations) brick to brick, don't know what will happen in the future, where I'll be then, but I'm finding myself and I have clear where I must look.

One year more... I can't feel any difference, but on paper is starting to be a big number :O


pochetina said...

mi comentario anterior iba en este POST!

nata.loko said...

Jeje, creo que no es la primera vez que te pasa :D
El miƩrcoles fue mi cumple.

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