Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I'm really impressed of how people is involved with charity works, you can find a lot of charity stores around the city (cancer research, Oxfam...), today I have found an Oxfam book store!!
I have had to do some shopping in a supermarket and with my invoice, the girl gave me like a small green plastic coin; I didn't know what was that until I have seen three big boxes before the exit: each box is a charity project and you have yo choose what they are gonna do with your part... I would like to have this kind of things in Spain :(

I'm definitely on my way to become a grandma, last week I cooked a delicious Spanish omelette, yesterday a warm homemade soup, and today some peculiar croquettes (I haven't been able to find proper ingredients, but still really good). Now I only need to "obtain" some grandchildren... does anyone know if I can download them from some webpage? (not sure that I will ever have them through standard procedures).

This is my first post written directly from my mobile phone :D


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