Sunday, 6 December 2009

Hi readers, I'm in exam time and like usual starting a new blog (I think that this one is the third). I always say the same: "This one is the final one, I'm not going to abandon it", and now I'm saying it again :P
I was thinking about create an Erasmus-Year blog, but imagine that finally I start to write periodically... it would be a pity start a new one, wouldn't? So this gonna be my blog about everything, about Erasmus, about trips, about nothing... and it wont have an official language, I will write in all languages that I can, so maybe one post is in English, the other one in Spanish and the other one in Sindarin, you can translate them with Google Translator :P
Any suggestion that you have, just tell me and I will think about it :P
So here I go... Welcome to new blog from Glasgow.


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