Thursday, 28 January 2010

Finally, this week I have tried Haggis, and I can say they are really tasty... but they have a problem: when I ate them, the inner Scottish that is inside all of us started to wake up and it made me buy a kilt (a cheap-ass one... for now), and a bagpipe!!
I'm afraid of what will happen when I eat more ('cause I'll do :P)

After wearing the kilt for a while I notice that it's really comfortable!! I think that it would be a great idea, export them to the rest of the world (well, at least to Spain)... and they are also very stylish :P

About my new blowing-toy, I bought a practice one in order to be able to play in home without the police calling at my door :P and because it was the cheaper one (the cheapest Highland bagpipe was more than 600 pounds!), but I am VERY happy with it, sounds nice, and it is really funny :P

I think that I have discovered why Scots are such a nice people:
- You need to blow A LOT to play a bagpipe, you start to feel dizzy... we can say that this is some kind of happiness, plus
- Whisky and beer and whisky and beer and whisky... everybody is definitely happy, plus
- Kilts are freedom, even more happiness!!


pochetina said...

te has comprado una bagpipe??? y una faldica?


nata.loko said...

¡¡Por supuestísimo!! :D

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