Monday, 18 January 2010

Sometimes when I'm studying, cannot avoid thinking that I'm just wasting time, I'm not understanding what those symbols want to say to me... but when I finally catch up a concept that has been "disturbing" all that time, I feel sooo good! :D

I spent the whole last week working with a book that seems to be a good one, but I was having that feeling, just reading meaningless lines, and "suddenly" Friday I found other book that has opened my mind, I have advanced more in this weekend than in all the time since Christmas Holidays, hope that I can maintain this timing :S

This semester I am VERY busy in the University, the project, lot of courses... but I'm happy, be doing all these things make me busy and I almost don't have time to "other" thoughts; also the lectures are quite interesting, until now all that I have been studying was too focused to the same, now I'm having more variety: maths, electronics, computers, biology, physics... I think that this happiness will disappear in a couple weeks when the exams period begins, but that will be a future-"Nat" (I have a new nick) problem.

Future-present-past... time! Is time to go to bed, tomorrow's gonna be a long day.


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